The Final Struggle To Save The Earth

The Final Struggle To Save The Earth

The planetary emergency is upon us. Now begins the final struggle to save the earth. We are at a critical turning point in human and natural history. For two hundred years we have been simplifying the biosphere on which all civilizations must rest. Now the worst extinction crisis in 60 million years is underway. Negative climate change is accelerating. Water shortages, droughts and unprecedented storms are already a reality and getting worse. Soil is being exhausted world-wide. Deserts are advancing. Tens of millions of refugees are displaced and many millions more will come as the conditions for agriculture deteriorate. Two billion more people will have to be fed, housed, clothed, and provided with energy by 2050, and this on top of the 7 billion already here now. In the face of this the forces of reaction have taken control and are plunging ahead; men who put greed above the common good, who think the solution is to drive this destructive machine even faster, to go back to fossil fuels instead of forward to renewables, to further chemicalize our air and water and food, to tinker with the genetic base of all life. They want to privatize the National Parks, drill and mine in the National Forests, blow the tops off of mountains and shove the toxic overburden into the streams, drive leaky oil pipelines under our rivers and drill in the stormy polar seas. This is the time to resist with all our might, and more than resist, it is the time to invent a new civilization compatible with the earth, based on renewables, conservation, reverence for the land and for the unique places in which we live, on revived local economies, and on peace. There is still much to save: many beautiful places, a livable climate only slightly damaged, restored soils, waters cleaned up, healthy local communities. But know this—it’s our last chance. We need to rise up both for ourselves and for future generations. We humans have no right to stupidly despoil the creation. There is still time, but not much. We can still avoid the rise of a new Dark Age, can still deliver to all posterity a restored, healthy planet and a sane civilization. We are the ones who are called by all the children who will ever be, who will stand in judgment of what we did, or did not do, in this critical moment in the history of the planet. Go forth!


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